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Cleveland Broadcast Radio Archives Project This collection is being maintained for use by researchers, broadcasters, and other parties.  Your participation is encouraged and welcomed.
Call Letters WCPN - Cleveland Public Radio 5/12/79 - The Cleveland Public Library bids $205,000 for WBOE-FM's license, beating out a $200,000 bid by Northern  Ohio Public Radio ten days before. An attempt by Cleveland Public Radio to bid $234,360.87 is rejected because the  group can't make a minimum $200,000 cash payment. Plans call for the station to be moved from 10600 Quincy  Avenue to the main library downtown, with a proposed change in call letters to WCPL (Cleveland Public Library.) The  effort eventually fails. 7/6/83 - Cleveland Public Radio switches call letters from WBOE-FM license to WCPN. 11/7/83 - Cleveland Public Radio gets a $300,000 grant from the Cleveland Foundation. 7/25/84 - WGAR donates its entire jazz record collection to WCPN, which is scheduled to take the air in the coming  weeks. 8/5/84 - 1200 people attend a kick off party for WCPN. 9/8/84 - WCPN assumes the frequency left by WBOE / 90.3, and begins broadcasting with a live show from vocalist Mel    Torme. 1/1/85 - WCPN begins an all night broadcast schedule. 7/27/85 - Station faces possible $250,000 deficit and makes an appeal for funds. 8/13/85 - Fund raising efforts bring in $127,000 in pledges. 6/10/86 - Linda Carr is named interim general manager. 7/15/88 - WCPN cancels its ethnic programming schedule. Senator Howard Metzenbaum later stalls a funding bill to  pressure the station to restore ethnic fare. 9/20/88 - Ethnic broadcasters file suit to restore their programs. 10/4/88 - National Public Radio gives its support to WCPN in its fight against ethnic broadcasters. 10/8/88 - The US Senate offers help to Cleveland's ethnic programmers. 9/16/94 - National Public Radio hosts Sylvia Rimm, Linda Wertheimer, Bob Edwards and others join with NPR president  Delano Lewis for a "Face to Face" benefit at Bratenahl's Shoreby Club to honor WCPN's tenth anniversary. 1995 - Station relocates to the Joseph Cole Building at 3100 Chester Avenue. 7/15/95 - Dee Perry appears at "CultureFest 95" at the Randall Mall. (CPD) 3/18/96 - Dave Pignanelli takes over as news and public affairs. (CPD) 4/2/96 - Annabelle Singh is named director of broadcast systems. (CPD) 2/4/97 - WCPN's Board of Trustees approves a new contract hoping it will break a deadlock with its ethnic broadcasters  over hours and conditions. 11/1/96 - Lorna Jordan hosts the Cleveland segment of "Morning Edition". (CPD) 3/19/97 - The Ohio House eliminates funding for WCPN from its budget. 5/28/97 - Ohio Senate Republicans put aside $730,972 in state aid for WCPN, but only if the station restores the full  schedules of ethnic programming it carried prior to January 1997. 7/20/97 - Ethnic broadcasters sign a new contract with WCPN.