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Cleveland Broadcast Radio Archives Project This collection is being maintained for use by researchers, broadcasters, and other parties.  Your participation is encouraged and welcomed.
Call Letters WIXY - Chosen by Mrs. Norman Wain because it sounds like the dial position "1260" Call Letters WMGC- Magic 11/ /65 - After quitting their jobs as account executives at WHK-AM in July 1964, Bob Weiss, Norman Wain and Joe  Zingale form the Westchester Corporation and purchase WFAS radio in White Plains (Westchester County), New York.  They take control in December 1964, and in November the following year, they assume control of WDOK-AM & FM. 12/12/65 - WDOK-AM becomes "WIXY 1260". The call letters are inspired by Detroit's WXYZ, and the similarity in  sound between the call letters and the frequency. The original lineup includes Al Gates (6-10 am), Howie Lund (10-1  pm), Johnny Michaels (1-4 pm), Johnny Canton (4-8 pm), Mark Allen (8-midnight) and Bobby Magic (midnight-6 am).  Allen later takes the name Bob Dearborn when he moves on to WCFL / Chicago, and Bobby Magic programs WDMT-  FM for a time in the 1980's. WIXY's original pop music format is called "chicken rock", but that label is quickly dropped.  Among the news staff are Bob Engel, Fred Griffith and Gary Ritchie. 8/14/66 - The station sponsors the Beatles at Cleveland Municipal Stadium, though John Lennon's remark suggesting  the group is "bigger than Jesus Christ" keeps attendance at just 20,000. Fans tear down a snow fence and storm the  stage, halting the show until order is restored. (P) 8/22/66 - The staff lineup includes Jerry Brooke (6-10 am), Johnny Canton (10-1 pm), Johnny Walters (1-4 pm), Al  Gates and "Feathers" (4-7 pm), Jack Armstrong (7-midnight), and Bobby Magic (midnight to 6 am). 9/1/67 - The staff lineup includes Mike Reineri (5:30 - 10 am), Larry "the Duker" Morrow (10-1 pm), Jerry Brooke (1-4  pm), Lou "King" Kirby (4-8 pm), Dick "Wilde Childe" Kemp (8-midnight), and Bobby Magic (midnight-5:30 am). 9/13/71 - The staff lineup includes Mike Reineri (5:30-10 am), Larry Morrow (10-2 pm), Chuck Dunaway (2-4 pm), Steve  Hunter (4-8 pm), Chip Hobart (4-midnight) and Bobby Knight (midnight-5:30 am). 12/71 - Wain, Weiss and Zingale merge Westchester Corporation with Globetrotter Communications for $14.3 million  dollars. Jeff McKee has since taken over the (8-midnight) slot, and Mike Kelly has replaced Bobby Knight on the  overnight shift. 5/75 - Combined Communications (later Gannett) purchases all the Globetrotter properties. The staff lineup includes  Mike Reineri (6-10 am), Mike Collins (10-2 pm), Paxton Mills (2-6 pm), Randy Robbins (6-10 pm), Greg "Groover"  Cleveland (10-2 am) and Mark Allen (2-6 am). 7/18/76 - WIXY's final air staff includes Tom Murphy (5-10 am), Bill Bailey (10-2 pm), Paxton Mills (2-6 pm), Randy  Robbins (6-10 pm), Brother John (10-2 am), and Tom Smith (2-5 am). 7/19/76 - WIXY changes call letters and format to "adult rock" WMGC-AM, or "Magic". It's slogan, "Get Your Rock Soft",  raises eyebrows as it appears in ads and billboards around town. The original WMGC lineup includes Ed Brady (6-  noon), Wayne Shane (noon-6), Kris Phillips (6-midnight) and Dan Bradford (midnight-6am). The format lasts less than  three years..