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Cleveland Broadcast Radio Archives Project This collection is being maintained for use by researchers, broadcasters, and other parties.  Your participation is encouraged and welcomed.
Call Letters WJW - John F. Winer 11/13/26 - Station begins transmitting in Mansfield under the ownership of John F. Winer. 1928 - WLBV's call letters are changed to WJW to reflect the initials of owner John Winer. 1931 - WJW is now owned by the Mansfield Broadcasting Association, and broadcasts at 100 watts on 247.8 meters  over 1210 kilocycles. 1932 - WJW moves from Mansfield to Akron. 1936 - The station is now owned by WJW, Inc., and is located at 41 South High Street. 1942 - WJW changes its frequency to 1210 kilocycles at 241.8 meters, and increases to 250 watts. 11/13/43 - WJW is bought by William M. O' Neil, who moves it to the Guardian Building in Cleveland. The city's fifth  radio station operates at 850 kilocylces, and 5000 watts of power. It also becomes affiliated with the ABC Radio  Network, and offshoot of the old NBC (Blue) Network. 1951 - Alan Freed joins WJW. (A) 3/22/52 - Disc Jockey Alan Freed apologizes for the preceding night's riot at the Moondog Coronation Ball at the  Cleveland Arena. (A) 7/53 - Disc jockey Burt Dilson leaves the station after six years for a position at KMBC-TV in Kansas City. 6/54 - The station is located in the WJW Building on Playhouse Square. Bill O' Neill is president, and Bill Lemmon is  vice president. 11/17/54 - O' Neil sells WJW to Storer Broadcasting, which links it to its TV station, WXEL. Within two years, both the  radio and TV stations are broadcasting from 1630 Euclid Avenue. 1957 - WJW drops its ABC affiliation to be run as an independent station. 1/58 - Pete (Mad Daddy) Myers joins WJW from WHKK/Akron. His "Mad Daddy" persona later is adapted by Ernie  Anderson for his "Ghoulardi" character. Myers show is heard from 8 to 12:30 a.m. (CP) 5/13/58 - Station enforces a 90 day non-compete clause against Pete (Mad Daddy) Myers, who resigns for a job at    WHK. He stays on the payroll, but will not be allowed to broadcast until August 10th, his first day the new station. His  replacement is Dick Drury. (CP) 6/14/58 - Pete Myers hopes to keep his name in front of the public while still off the air, and achutes from a Piper Cub  2200 feet over Lake Erie. He composes a poem on the way down, and is fished out of the waters shortly after. Myers  also hands out copies of the 45 record "Zorro" when he gets to shore, greeted by hundreds of fans. Some initial  reports incorrectly state Myers did not survive the jump, but are quickly revised. (CP) (CPD) (O) 1965 - WJW begins separate programming on the FM band at 98.5, later spinning off to become WGCL-FM. 10/4/68 - Former WJW personality Pete (Mad Daddy) Myers takes his own life in New City. At the time, he had just  been let go at WNEW. (CP) (CPD) (O) 1976 - Storer sells WJW to Erie Broadcasting.