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Call Letters WTAM - Where The Artists Meet 9/26/23 - WTAM begins broadcast operations at 750 kilocycles and 1500 watts. It's originally owned by S.E. Lawrence  and Theodore Willard, of the Willard Battery Company. The station only offers three hours of nightly programming, but  soon expands its on-air lineup. The studios are located at East 131st and Taft Avenue. 1924 - WTAM becomes the first station to broadcast network radio coverage of a political convention, when the  Republicans meet at Cleveland's Public Auditorium. 1926 - The station's power is increases to 3500 watts, and expands its on-air lineup. WTAM is now located at the Union  Trust Building, with its frequency changed to 770 kilocycles, at 272.6 meters. 5/ /28 - The station is sold to the Cleveland Illuminating Company, and the Van Swerigen brothers. It also increases its  power to 50,000 watts, and can be heard at 1070 frequency on the radio dial. 1929 - WTAM builds two towers in Brecksville, Ohio, each 200 feet high, and the station can now be heard at 1100  kilocycles. 10/16/30 - The National Broadcasting Company buys WTAM, and the studios move to the Cleveland Auditorium  Building. 1933 - "Jake & Lena" (Gene Carroll and Glenn Rowling) perform live on the NBC Radio Network. 1938 - The station moves to East 9th and Superior Avenue. 1948 - The Cleveland Indians battle the Boston Braves in the World Series. 1951 - The Cleveland Orchestra appears live on the NBC Radio Network. 1950's - Tom Haley reports from St. John's Cathedral 6/54 - The station broadcasts from the NBC Building in  downtown Cleveland. 1956 - NBC sells WTAM to Westinghouse Broadcasting, and the call letters are changed to KYW. (See KYW-AM.)