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Cleveland Broadcast Radio Archives Project This collection is being maintained for use by researchers, broadcasters, and other parties.  Your participation is encouraged and welcomed.
Call Letters WZAK - Muzak 5/26/63 - WZAK goes on the air aimed at serving Northeast Ohio's large ethnic community. 11/26/68 - Sal Navarra, director of the station's Italian program, asks for donations of toys to be distributed at Christmas  through the Society for Crippled Children. Donations are to be dropped off at the WZAK studios at 1030 Prospect  Avenue. 9/3/76 - GM Joseph Bauer donates a set of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia to John Carroll University's Soviet and  Eastern European Studies Detment. 6/3/78 - The station's ethnic line-up includes GM Joseph Bauer and his wife, Betty, (German), Xen Zapis and his wife,  Lula (Greek), Sam Quinones (Spanish), Tony Zebrowski (Polish), Paul Wilcox (polkas), and Tony Petkovsek  (Slovenian). Other programs serve the Hungarian, Italian, Irish, Czech, Hindi, Lebanese, Arabic and English (UK)  communities. 11/13/79 - A.W. Zebrowski dies in the middle of a live broadcast. At the time, the program broadcast from the AZZ  Estates in Richfield, is the most profitable show on WZAK with more than 100 advertisers. His children, Joseph,  Richard and Maryann, decide to continue the show aimed at Northeast Ohio's Polish community. 4/14/80 - Wayne Mack can be heard 5:30 to noon with an international music program. (CP) 2/1/81 - The station pulls the plug on the Polish International Program in the middle of its morning drive broadcast. It's  replaced by a Spanish program, and declining advertising revenues are blamed for the move. Controversy over  remarks made by the Zebrowski family are also thought to be a factor. Lee Zapis pledges to continue Polish  programming with Duane Dobies, the host of the Polish Convoy Program. 3/2/81 - Rich Kenney kicks off the new "urban contemporary" format at 6 a.m., replacing Wayne Mack's "beautiful  music" with progressive jazz, and rhythm and blues. Declining listenership in the ethnic community, and the deaths of  some of the city's better known hosts and producers, are given as reason for the change. (CP) 3/9/81 - WZAK announces it will air ethnic programming only on Sundays. The lineup of hosts includes Duane Dobies  (Polish, 6 a.m.), Joe Kocab (Czech, 9 a.m.), Ida Peters (German, 10 a.m.), John Birek (Croatian, 11:30 p.m.), Joe  Giuliano (Italian, 1 p.m.), Tony Petkovsek (Slovenian, 2 p.m.), Edwin Castro (Spanish, 4 p.m.), Kalman Novak  (Hungarian, 5 p.m.), Xen and Lula Zapis (Greek, 6 pm) Vince Cardarelli (Italian, 7:30 p.m.), Marinko Petrovic (Serbian,  8:30 p.m.), and Junior Vargas (Spanish, 9 p.m.) 5/ /82 - Lynn Tolliver, Jr. becomes program director, and Mike Hilber takes the title of general sales manager, as  WZAK's ratings begin a dramatic upturn. 12/26/85 - A gunman attacks Lynn Tolliver at the WZAK studios. 9/25/89 - Citing a lack of appreciation, Lynn Tolliver temporarily resigns from WZAK. 10/17/89 - Lynn Tolliver is rehired as program director, and fires disc jockey Jeffrey Charles. 4/5/90 - WZAK takes the number one spot in new Arbitron ratings. 7/30/90 - Disc jockey Jeffrey Charles is fired again from WZAK. 11/22/90 - Radio "bad boy" Lynn Tolliver is named one of the ten best program directors in the country. 10/19/92 - Lynn Tolliver and Bobby Rush purchase WJMO. 1993 - WZAK is awarded three Billboard magazine awards. 10/9/93 - WZAK follows the advice of the United Pastors in Mission and bans "gangsta rap". 7/15/95 - Kim Johnson appears at "CultureFest 95" at the Randall Mall. (CPD) 1/5/97 - WZAK replaces the popular "Three's Company" show with the syndicated "Tom Joyner Morning Show". 1/15/98 - The new Arbitron ratings show WZAK number one station in Cleveland. 7/21/98 - WZAK remains number one Cleveland station in new Arbitron ratings. 8/11/98 - Chancellor Media Corporation of Texas buys WZAK, WZJM, WDOK, WQAL, WRMR and WJMO for $275- million, the biggest radio deal in Cleveland broadcasting history.