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Cleveland Broadcast Radio Archives Project This collection is being maintained for use by researchers, broadcasters, and other parties.  Your participation is encouraged and welcomed.
Call Letters WZJM - A combination of sister station WZAK and WJMO, reflecting the "Jammin' Oldies" format. 3/7/94 - Rosemary Vinci (Madame LaRue) leaves the morning show she shared with LeeAnne Sommers, to be  replaced by "Johnny D" Dimodica, ending the experiment with Cleveland's first all female a.m. drive team. 3/1/95 - "Big Show" morning hosts Leeanne Sommers and Johnny D are featured in 16 Magazine in an article about  "Beverly Hills 90210 star Jamie Walters appearance at the Randall Mall. The article is entitled "Jammin' with Jamie  Walters." (CPD) 2/7/96 - Joe Mama (Scott Wilson) is morning drive personality. (CPD) 4/19/99 - At 5 p.m., the station switches format to "Jammin' Oldies", a mixture of funk, disco, and Motown. 7/15/99 - Lisa Dillon is reunited with former Buzzard p.m. drive cohort Mike Olszewski on "The Morning Beat". 3/27/00 - Late night voice Mike O' Bryan joins "The Morning Beat" with Dillon and Olszewski. 4/24/00 - Mike O Bryan returns to his 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. shift. 4/8/01 - The "Beat" goes automated. 5/ /01 - WZJM switches format to an "Extreme Rock" sound.